OLETCOffice of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (National Institute of Justice's Office of Science and Technology program)
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Both OLETC and NCLETTC are initiatives of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation whose mission is to provide innovative, technology-based programs, products and services to the global marketplace.
OLETC staff hope that major changes--some of which they first implemented for the 2006 riot, and some of which are still to come--greatly benefit the technologists and law enforcement and corrections officials for whom this event is designed.
Commercialization successes for OLETC include a product called the RoadSpike, a retractable spike barrier strip to safely end high-speed vehicular pursuits; an odor inhibitor for use around decomposing bodies; a drug detection device that measures the eye's pupillary response to light stimulus; and a unique security/video system that incorporates sophisticated camera, microphone and recording equipment into a patented car seat system.
11, 2001, OLETC has greatly expanded commercialization efforts to include technologies within the broader public-safety arena.
Wayne Barte, Project Manager, Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (OLETC), Wheeling, West Virginia
OLETC, the West Virginia Division of Corrections and the National Corrections and Law Enforcement Technology and Training Center (NCLETTC) sponsor the event every year.
Teams submit requests to OLETC to have specific technologies available during the scenarios so that officers can gauge the devices' effectiveness.
John Dal Santo, president of MCJ Inc., and developer of EyeCheck[TM], was invited to NCC by Wayne Barte, a program manager at OLETC, where EyeCheck[TM] had been demonstrated.
As mentioned, OLETC is one source of commercialization for law enforcement and corrections.
According to Diane Quinn, OLETC corrections technology agent, this year's event was attended by more than 1,300 people, including more than 900 tactical officers from nearly 30 states, and featured 20 riot scenarios, more than 70 technology exhibits and seven workshops.
OLETC's role is locating, evaluating and facilitating the commercialization of emerging technologies.
OLETC, located at the National Technology Transfer Center on the Wheeling Jesuit University campus, develops and refines new strategies to accelerate the commercialization of innovative law enforcement and corrections products.