OLETCOffice of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization (National Institute of Justice's Office of Science and Technology program)
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Brijot's BIS-WDS([R]) GEN 2 system successfully confirmed its technical ability to use passive millimeter wave technology for people screening and object detection as required by the relevant measures outlined in the product intended use document stipulated by OLETC and the Baltimore City Police," said Joe Barnes, project manager at OLETC.
The importance of the effective test results by the Brijot BIS-WDS system have been recognized by OLETC and the Baltimore City Police Department.
Both OLETC and NCLETTC are initiatives of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation whose mission is to provide innovative, technology-based programs, products and services to the global marketplace.
OLETC staff hope that major changes--some of which they first implemented for the 2006 riot, and some of which are still to come--greatly benefit the technologists and law enforcement and corrections officials for whom this event is designed.
OLETC examines new concepts that offer technological solutions to national priorities outlined by the Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council.
Commercialization successes for OLETC include a product called the RoadSpike, a retractable spike barrier strip to safely end high-speed vehicular pursuits; an odor inhibitor for use around decomposing bodies; a drug detection device that measures the eye's pupillary response to light stimulus; and a unique security/video system that incorporates sophisticated camera, microphone and recording equipment into a patented car seat system.
Teams submit requests to OLETC to have specific technologies available during the scenarios so that officers can gauge the devices' effectiveness.
OLETC works with inventors of correctional and law enforcement technologies to help them commercialize their products.
NIJ, through OLETC, provided encouragement and helped guide the inventor through the maze of commercialization.
For more information on OLETC, contact Wayne Barte, program manager, at (888) 306-5382; Web site: http://www.
Now that we are seeking to bring the ILEFIS technology to the commercial marketplace, we have retained a leading biometric integration and consulting firm to perform a technology audit," said Lawrence Kosiba, director of OLETC.
IBG's technology audit for OLETC is a groundbreaking analysis that presents a thorough examination of the facial recognition industry and its potential for growth over the next five years.