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OLFOromo Liberation Front
OLFOutlying Landing Field
OLFon Line Forum
OLFOffice de La Langue Francaise (Quebec)
OLFOregon Law Foundation (Tigard, OR)
OLFOutlying Field
OLFWolf Point, MT, USA (Airport Code)
OLFOrbiter Lifting Frame (US NASA)
OLFOljearbeidernes Fellessammenslutning (Norwegian Oil Industry Association)
OLFOxygen Limit Fraction (Suunto)
OLFOverload Factor
OLFOrbiter Landing Facility
OLFOutlaying Field
OLFOutside Left Forward (soccer)
OLFOrbital Launch Facilities
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CLASS 2: 1) Mrs Pinto, Ovada, Italy, Ris, 7 (OLF); 2) Gwynfor Owen, Penygraigwen, Jess, 7; 3) Giorgio Pinto, Ovada, Italy, Bill junior, 9 (OLF); 4) Giorgio Pinto, Ovada, Italy, Silver, 9; 5) Dylan Davies, Llanegryn, Mot, 14.
Thus, speculation on his possible OLF leadership does not help the narration and has no relation whatsoever to the Borana-Gabbra relations.
'Entries will open on Thursday, 6th December and close on Wednesday, 26th December 2018, and entries will be submitted strictly online through the OLF website, while the winner is expected to emerge through a raffle draw which will be conducted on the 31st December, 2018 at Eko Atlantic City.
Among the most widely reported statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) are the shares of the working-age population who are currently employed, unemployed, and OLF. These shares are estimated using responses from the monthly CPS.
Then, computed tomography (CT) showed ossification in the lesion at [T.sub.3] level, thus suggesting the final diagnosis as OLF. The width of the anteroposterior spinal canal was 13.7 mm at the midline, 9 mm at the medial border of the right superior articular process, and 5.1 mm at the medial border of the left superior articular process (Figure 1).
The definition of SK based on MRI was angulation of the spinal cord by more than 10[degrees] at the OLF. The clinical presentations, including symptom duration, numbness of the lower extremities (LE), leg pain, weakness of the LE, intermittent claudication, spastic paraparesis and sphincter dysfunction, were evaluated.
The aircraft came to a stop in the soft sand, the crew egressed and the fire was extinguished by the OLF crash and salvage crew.
"OLF's former head Per Terje Vold said last year that an investigation of consequences is synonymous with an opening process.
Supreme Championship: 1 C Cropper and Roy 119 OLF, 2 J Cropper and Fleet 119, 3 G Birchenhall and Alf 114, 4 I Ibbotson and Scratch 106, 5 J Wood and May 94, 6 S Duckworth and Tom 92, 7 T Bell R.
In this study we report the development of two specific enzyme immunoassays (EIAs) for detection and quantification of OLF and Dh-OLF.
The Oromo Liberation Movement (OLF) which claims to represent the 28 million people of Oromo (who make up nearly half of the total population of Ethiopia), has, for the past year, intensified its armed struggle against the government in Addis Ababa.
Fifteen volunteers with specially-trained noses have the task of measuring these whiffs, using a new scientific unit called the "olf", short for olfactory, the sense of smell.