OLHon Line Help
OLHOn-Line Help (Athena)
OLHOur Lady of the Hills (Kerrville, TX)
OLHOvine Luteinizing Hormone
OLHOur Lady of the Hamptons (regional Catholic school; Southampton, New York)
OLHObesity-Linked Hypoventilation
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This is the third year that OLH 8th graders entered into the Stock Market Game, placing 2nd place overall in 2018 and 2019.
Next, FSH-primed GCs were treated with oLH (500 ng/ml) for two days, and conditioned medium was subsequently harvested and maintained at -20[degrees]C until [P.sub.4] detection was performed using an ELISA assay.
After the cell count, the cells at the density of 2 x [10.sup.5] cells/mL/tube were incubated for 4 h at 37[degrees]C with or without increasing doses (5 to 160 ng/mL) of ovine LH (oLH; NIH-oLH-S26, NIDDK) or ovine FSH (oFSH; NIH-oFSH-S20, NIDDK).
In addition, depending on your preferences, you could "curate" relevant articles already published (and peer-reviewed) in the wider OLH mega journal.
For both groups, the degree of asymmetry between the dominant (D) and non dominant (ND) leg in performances in the one-leg hop test (OLH) (Augustsson et al., 2006; Gustavsson et al., 2006), the side hop test (SH) (Docherty et al., 2005; Gustavsson et al., 2006) and side steps and forward 4.115-m test (4m-SSF) (Salonikidis and Zafeiridis, 2008) was calculated applying the formula: 1-(ND*100/D) (Yamamoto, 1993).
257) 3--Os tiros do nosso lado "Nossos homens acordaram os continuam, mas o grande britanicos com seus tiros", morteiro de latao, o disse u m dos gu ardas, "e Congresso, e dois outros, todos os seus olh os se infelizmente explodiram, o que voltaram para as baterias!".
according to Articles 33 and 34 of the OLH. (61) The parties to this
German carrier Lufthansa announced on Friday that the executive board of Austrian Airlines AG and the majority shareholder in Austrian Airlines, OLH Osterreichische Luftverkehrs-Holding-GmbH (OLH), have agreed on cash compensation of EUR0.50 per share in a squeeze out of the remaining shareholders of Austrian Airlines.
Lufthansa, which owns a 19 percent stake in JetBlue, will soon be able to put its OLH' code on 12 US routes operated by the budget airline.
The Study authors viewed the Operational Law Handbook (OLH) as a "military manual" for purposes of the Study even though it is better viewed as a training guide for Judge Advocates.
Semp re com bom olh o pa ra as no vidades tecnicas, traz ao Bra sil em 1894 o Kinetosco pio, primei ro experiment o cinem atografico desenvolvido por Edison com filmes de celuloide [Figura 3].