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OLIVESOptical Interconnections for VLSI and Electronic Systems
OLIVESOn-Line Interactive Verification and Entry System (epidemiology study)
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The captain accordingly sent his boat off to the ship and it soon returned laden with the fifty pots of olives.
When evening came the Princess Badoura retired to the inner part of the palace, and going to the apartments of the Princess Haiatelnefous she had the fifty jars of olives brought to her.
Next she ordered another officer to remove the seals from the warehouse, whilst she presented the captain with a costly diamond, and told him to keep the thousand pieces of gold paid for the olives, as she would arrange matters with the merchant himself.
As soon as it was light next day the Princess Badoura sent for the captain, and made further inquiries about the merchant who owned the olive jars she had bought.
Eid says the Ministry of Agriculture encouraged growers to come together to form cooperatives or unions of cooperatives, so that they can divide expenses among themselves and also be able to pool their olives together and supply large quantities when asked.
com)-- Texas' booming olive oil industry can now boast its own conference with the inaugural Texas Olive Conference to be held Friday June 16, at the Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall A in San Antonio.
According to the International Olive Council, world consumption of table olives increased 2.
The company works with farmers in Spain, Greece, Argentina and other countries, and the bottles indicate which farm the olives came from and when they were harvested.
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL It's produced through the same process as extra virgin olive oil, but is made from slightly riper olives.
The olive tree has countless benefits, including green olives, olive oil and manufacturing of soap," he said.
Olives are also produced in around 15 other provinces.
OLIVE OIL is light yellow to greenish oil gained from the fruit of olive trees.