OLJOrder of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
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Stancheva, however, said that she had chosen to be the OLJ vice-presidential candidate because it was the only party that insisted on changes to Bulgaria's constitution.
(C) ORDER, LAW AND JUSTICE (OLJ): A new player on the
The OLJ proposes a vote on the basis of "the Government's failure in its policy of suppressing corruption, contraband, drug trafficking, organised crime and domestic crime, the failure of the Republic of Bulgaria to join the Schengen area, and the abuse of authority and un-acceptable interference in the judicial system".
An added dimension to this contretemps emerged when Yanev told journalists that Alexei Petrov, the former State Agency for National Security agent facing criminal charges for a range of serious crimes, wanted to join his OLJ party.
A last-minute turnaround by Yane Yanev's Order Law and Justice (OLJ) party scuppered the March 31 vote to impeach President Georgi Purvanov, as Bulgaria's ruling party and its allies lost the slice of votes they would have needed to try to get Purvanov fired as head of state.
This took the group below the mandatory minimum of 10 seats, and television viewers watched the plaque unscrewed from the group's office in Parliament, as well as the strange spectacle of OLJ loyalists trying to track down the missing member--who, along with GERB, denied all allegations that money had changed hands to enable OLJ's chair to be kicked away.
It should not be forgotten that the Government does not have a full majority in Parliament and was voted into power with the votes of ultra-nationalist Ataka party, the Blue Coalition and the Order, Law and Justice (OLJ) party.
Bezlov was referring to a statement by Dimitar Abadjiev, an MP from the Order, Law and Justice party (OLJ), who on October 26 said that his party had started receiving tip-off s about alleged corruption in the Cabinet.
The other two parties that GERB targeted for negotiations, Ataka (21 seats), and Yane Yane's Order, Law and Justice (OLJ) party, who got 10 seats, also vowed to support Borissov provided GERB followed its promised route of reforms.
When Yane Yanev was asked to comment on his Order, Law and Justice (OLJ) party's 4.13 per cent election result, which made it the sixth party to pass the four per cent threshold, he said plain and simple "this was an emotional vote".
Perhaps the most interesting feature of the hustings was what many media call the mirror-like campaign led by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), traditionally representing Muslim Bulgarians, and a number of far-right and centre-right parties, including Volen Siderov's ultra-nationalist Ataka, and Yane Yanev's Order, Law and Justice (OLJ) party.
According to the survey, the coalition of LIDER with New Time would get five per cent, while the other anti-MRF orientated party, Yane Yanev's Order Law and Justice (OLJ) was set to get 4.5 per cent of the votes.