OLMMOur Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Hampton, NH)
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TABLE 1 Lines of Business Analyzed Variable Description Sample Period ALL All lines combined 1953-1998 AL Auto liability 1953-1998 APD Auto physical damage 1953-1998 PPAL Private passenger auto 1953-1998 liability PPAPD Private passenger auto 1953-1998 physical damage HO Homeowners 1954-1998 CMP Commercial multiple peril 1955-1998 WC Workers' compensation 1953-1998 OL Other liability 1953-1998 OLMM Other liability and medical 1953-1998 malpractice Variable Note ALL AL APD PPAL Includes commercial auto liability prior to 1978 PPAPD Includes commercial auto physical damage prior to 1978 HO CMP WC OL Includes medical malpractice prior to 1978 OLMM TABLE 2 Unit Root Test Statistics for Alternative DGPs No Mean or Trend Mean Only ADF ADF GLS-ADF (1) (2) (3) Panel 1: Loss ratios ALL 0.
and comprising OLMM Consulting Engineers and Tennebaum-Manheim Engineers, was responsible for strengthening the building.
To minimize disruptions and keep construction work minimally invasive, OLMM Consulting Engineers strengthened the older wing of the building by adding new shear walls outside of the building and tying them back into the building with structural-steel collector members.