OLOAOntario Limousine Owners Association (est. 1996; Ontario, Canada)
OLOAOregon Lyric Opera Association (Gresham, OR)
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PE/F 103, PE/F 108, NPE 1800, Triton X100, Triton X405, Lugalvan BNO12 were used for aqueous dispersions and Hypermer LP1, Hypermer B246 and OLOA 11000 were used for non aqueous dispersions by Yasin et al.
The molecular formula of OLOA 11000 is shown below, where n = 13 and m = 3 for the OLOA 11000.
It can be seen from Table-4 that the Flory radius is longer than the distance s between grafting sites in the presence of Hypermer B246 and OLOA 11000 which shows that the polymer stabilising chains have brush configuration which is an indication of higher adsorption amounts (Table 1-2), in molar terms, as compared to Hypermer LP1.
Table-6: Dimensions of the adsorbed polymer on carbon black in decalin and concentration of stabilizing units (polyhydroxystearic acid in Hypermer LP1 and Hypermer B246 and polyisobutylene in OLOA 11000) in the adsorbed layer.