OLPROffice of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (Minnesota)
OLPROffice for Library Personnel Resources
OLPROpen-List Proportional Representation (voting system)
OLPROptical License Plate Reading
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5) Recall that for the federal Chamber of Deputies, the lowest district magnitude is 8 and the highest is 70, so this results in thousands of candidacies in the OLPR elections.
In an interesting argument linking occupational backgrounds to the OLPR electoral system discussed above, the author claims that the political capital of media personalities is best suited to proportional elections (e.
The years of meetings, reports, and studies initiated by OLPR have finally borne fruit.
These ideas reach back to touch the spirit of former OLPR Director Margaret Myers whose work on personnel concerns within the American Library Association during the 1970s, 1980s, and early 1990s laid much of the foundation on which we build today.