OLRBOntario Labour Relations Board
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(82) The OLRB noted that the application was "a novel one," due to the fact that half of the employees of the Guelph Beef Centre were prisoners in the GCC.
Soon after the CAW was certified by the OLRB, the band council
Brotherhood of Carpenters and joiners of America, Local 494, [2005] OLRB
(122) The Society of Energy Professionals v Hydro One Inc (2005), 123 CLRBR (2d) 42 (OLRB).
Some players thought the association would negotiate individual salaries, and some objected to the association being called a "trade union," the term used in the OLRB application but just denied by Mound in his interview with Vipond, which was published in that morning's paper.
The OLRB did not conclude that the Union had behaved in a manner that is arbitrary, discriminatory or in bad faith.
Workers Unionized in Ontario Before Bill 40 Bill 40 Bill 7 (1990-92) (1993) (1995) 18,738 25,798 13,912 (1994) 32,116 The number of applications to the OLRB for union certification is down by 51 per cent.
If there are differences between the bargaining unit proposals of the employer and union (for example, if the employer claims that a particular classification should be included in the unit, and the union argues that it should be excluded), the OLRB will determine the appropriate unit at a "certification" hearing.(6)
We examined 35 ALRB decisions and 68 OLRB decisions from 2009 to 2015 (inclusive) in which CLAC was named as applicant, respondent, or intervener.
Scbwartzman v MGEU (2010), 190 CLRBR (2d) 184 (Man LB); Switzer v National Automobile, Aerospace, Transportation and General Workers Union of Canada, [1999] OLRB Rep 757.
It pointed to the infamous case Re Baron Metal Industries, in which, after the initial vote was found to have been tainted by the employer's egregious illegal behaviour (recruiting two gang members to threaten employees), one new vote and then a subsequent new vote were ordered ([2001] OLRB Rep.