OLRSOhio Legal Rights Service
OLRSOn-Line Registration System (various organizations)
OLRSOur Lady of the Rosary School (Bardstown, KY; est. 1983)
OLRSOffice of Loan Repayment and Scholarship (US NIH)
OLRSOn-Line Reporting System (web communications portal)
OLRSOn-Line Release System (shipping; Philippines)
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Unfortunately, most of these alerted shipments have already paid import duties prior to the issuance of alert orders; thus, OLRS is automatically triggered.
Portcalls.com said that while BOC has said earlier that even though the duties and taxes of the 105 containers had been paid, alert orders were issued afterwards because the containers were found to be grossly undervalued, ATI explained that under Customs Memorandum Order 35-2015, once an OLRS release has been issued, a shipment can only be held through a special stop placed by the customs commissioner, which ATI said was not issued.
The modification of UASB reactor, sequential use of UASB reactor with activated sludge/sequencing batch reactor/septic tank, flash aeration, two-stage UASB reactor/anaerobic filter/hybrid reactor, use of cosubstrate, posttreatment of UASB reactor for pathogen removal and reuse options, kinetics reactions and transfer of mass in anaerobic granular sludge, generation of high methane content, sludge profiling of UASB reactor at various OLRs, modeling for anaerobic granulation, and hydraulics and performance evaluation have been some of active research areas in this field.
Figure 6 shows the COD removal efficiency for the given OLRs at HRT of 24, after increasing the surface area and applying the recirculation in compare to initial setup (see Fig.
Biomethanation process primarily depends upon seeding, temperature, pH, carbon-nitrogen (C/N) ratio, volatile fatty acids (VFAs), organic loading rate (OLR), alkalinity, total volatile solids (VS), and hydraulic retention time (HRT) and nutrients concentration.
The average of the WWTP influent flow rate was 16.47 L/s, and the BOD (mg [O.sub.2]/L) at the maturation pond influent was 30.9, 25.9, 36.2 and 32.4 for April, August, September and October, respectively; the resulting applied OLRs were (average values, in kg DBO.[ha.sup.-1].[d.sup.-1]): 93, 78.1, 108.9 and 97.5, respectively.
The etiology of LP is still under discussion, with a tendency to self-immunity, while the etiology of OLRs is related to the contact with specific agents, such as metallic restorative materials, resins, and drugs, allowing the establishment of a cause-effect relationship.
To reach the band-rejection characteristic, two OLRs of dimensions [L.sub.L] x [W.sub.L], width e, gap [W.sub.1] and coupling distance d (from the feed-line) were added successively to the broadband antenna ([A.sub.1]).
Gold mining company Gold Reserve Inc (TSX:GRZ) (NYSE-Amex:GRZ) said on Wednesday that it has received a notice stating that it does not meet the Original Listing Requirements (OLRs) of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).