OLSMOrchard Lake St. Mary's (Orchard Lake, MI)
OLSMOrganizational Learning Systems Model
OLSMOrdinary Least Squares Method (method used in statistics)
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BASIC SYSTEM LEVEL PARAMETERS USED IN THE SIMULATION parameters settings Carrier frequency 2GHz Bandwidth 20MHz Tx and Rx mode OLSM 2 x 2 MIMO Number of users/cell 2 UEs per cell User speed m/s.
The OLSM parameters of the estimator are derived if we set [b.sub.n] = [[Q.sup.L.sub.n]([[psi].sub.0] + [s.sub.n]][c.sub.n]/([c.sub.n] + [dc.sub.n]) and solve Eq.
(8), will be ill-conditioned for estimating the modification parameters based on ULSM and OLSM. The reason for this instability was theoretically expressed by Agren (2004) and numerically displayed by Ellmann (2005).
Figure 3 shows the global RMSE of the estimators modified applying BLSM, ULSM and OLSM methods.
1, if SNR requirement is fixed at 15dB, the maximum throughput is found as 1.52Mbps achieved with OLSM 4x2 and the least throughput is about 0.78Mbps obtained with TxD 4x2.
* For low speed-1.25 m/s case, OLSM and CLSM has comparatively better throughput in near field region.
* For higher speeds-25 m/s case, OLSM tops the chart in near field region while CLSM has the second highest throughput.
But for far-field case, throughput for OLSM is quite close to that of TxD while CLSM has the least throughput.
* Though OLSM has better performance in near-field region, TxD serves quite well in far-field region which is also one of the most significant performance parameters.