OLSSOur Lady Star of the Sea (Solomons, MD)
OLSSOperational Logistics Support Summary (US DoD)
OLSSOnline Learning Strategies Scale
OLSSOverseas Limited Storage Site
OLSSOmaha Lounge Suit Society
OLSSOpen License Software Supplement (Santa Cruz Operation)
OLSSOffice of Learning Support Services (Terra Community College; Fremont, OH)
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Proposition 4: To improve the capability of an organizational learning system as a whole, it is necessary to make the nine OLSSs match each other to achieve synergy among them.
Different management practices/tools facilitate different kinds of OLSSs.
Different organizations have different needs, or in another way, different priorities for improvement of the capabilities of different OLSSs.
The final version of the OLSS thus contains a total of 20 items with a total explained variance of 60.
To summarize, the final version of the OLSS successfully modifies the initial OLSS.
The main study further investigated students' OLSS scores and their background information.
In addition, this study also explored if there was any significant difference in OLSS scores between male and female students.
The final version of the OLSS is composed of 20 items categorized under five subscales as follows: motivation, self-monitoring, Internet literacy, Internet anxiety and concentration subscales, all of which have good reliability.
OLSS provides e-learning researchers, system designers, curriculum developers, instructors and even learners themselves with a diagnostic instrument for understanding the advantages and disadvantages of online learning for students, as well as e-learning researchers, system designers and online curriculum developers.
Based on the Model of Strategic e-Learning, the study developed the OLSS for evaluating students' e-learning strategies.