OLSSOur Lady Star of the Sea (Solomons, MD)
OLSSOperational Logistics Support Summary (US DoD)
OLSSOnline Learning Strategies Scale
OLSSOverseas Limited Storage Site
OLSSOmaha Lounge Suit Society
OLSSOpen License Software Supplement (Santa Cruz Operation)
OLSSOffice of Learning Support Services (Terra Community College; Fremont, OH)
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It is proposed here that every organization possesses an organizational learning system (OLS) composed of several sub-systems (OLSS).
Based on this definition of organizational learning and organizational learning system (OLS), and the following detailed analysis of theoretical literature and practical examples, it is proposed here that OLS is composed of the following nine organizational learning subsystems (OLSS), as depicted in Figure 1: (1) "Discovering" sub-system (D-OLSS), (2) "Innovating" sub-system (I-OLSS), (3) "Selecting" sub-system (S-OLSS), (4) "Executing" subsystem (E-OLSS), (5) "Transferring" sub-system (T-OLSS), (6) "Reflecting" sub-system (R-OLSS), (7) "Acquiring knowledge from environment" sub-system (A-OLSS), (8) "Contributing knowledge to environment" sub-system (C-OLSS), and (9) "Building organizational memory" sub-system (B-OLSS).
The government claimed that Microsoft also made other investments in IE that made "no business sense." These included Microsoft's investments in persuading AOL and other OLSs to use IE technologies, investments in software that made it easier for ISPs to distribute IE, and concessions to OEMs disgruntled by Microsoft's restrictions on how they could modify the screen that appeared the first time a new computer was turned on.
Analyses by both of the government's economic witnesses claimed to show that absent Microsoft's agreements with OLSs and ISPs, IE's share of use would have increased by only 10 percentage points from January 1997 to August 1998, compared to its actual overall increase of about 30 points.(146) Thus, they argued, at most one-third of the increase in share could be due.
In addition to the widespread availability of SCO UNIX Source Code through commercial and academic licensing, SCO has been promoting and contributing to open-source software for many years under the OLSS program, formerly known as SCO Skunkware (http://www.sco.com/olss/).
Robinson, Andrews, Ooijer, Givet, Warnock, Diouf, Olss on , Pedersen, Samba, Roberts, McCarthy.
Based on the above model, this study developed the Online Learning Strategies Scale (OLSS) as a research instrument to examine student e-learning strategies and provide feedback for modifying the model.
In order to create a pool of candidate items of OLSS, content analysis was conducted to analyze the transcript data of the in-depth interviews.
ISPs, including the online service providers (OLSs) are, after OEMs, the largest distributors of browsers.
Microsoft invested heavily in integrating Internet-related technologies into its software platform and making its Web-browsing software the best available to consumers, OLSs and SLVs.