OM2Optical Multimode 2 (ISO/IEC; fiber with 50/125 Microns dimensions)
OM2Opticalman Second Class (Naval Rating)
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The OM2 constraints are included in (9) to (14) (the same as for OM1).
In particular, OS1 and OM1 groups were increased significantly compared with OS2 and OM2 groups (p < 0.05).
The demands of officials were regarded to be opportunistic in nature and motivated by financial gains ("they just want money," OM2).
The EB700 series features a PTFE/PFA co-polymer "E" seat similar to the OM2 (EB11/12) series.
Understanding OM1, OM2, OM3, OS1, OS2 Fiber//The Fibreoptic Industry Association, 2008.
Ovaries were classified as immature (OM1) if they were packed with unyolked oocytes, maturing (OM2) when the unyolked oocytes were growing to early yolked oocytes, and mature (OM3) if they contained advanced yolked oocytes, but did not exhibit atresia.
The company chief executive officer, Sergio Morandi, said, 'The CIRM's technical approval of the Ombrina Mare Production Concession application just 12 months after OM2 and OBM2dir appraisal wells represents a major success for our company and is testament to the Company's ability to operate in Italy and deliver on schedule.'
Certification of 20 million barrels of proved and probable oil reserves at Ombrina Mare with the OM2 well completed as a future oil producer.
diyagonal arter (D1), Ao-1.optus marjinal arter (OM1) ve Ao-2.optus marjinal arter (OM2)] yapildigi tespit edildi.