OMAAOh My Aching Ass
OMAAOsztrák Magyar Akció Alapítvány (Hungarian: Austro-Hungarian Foundation for Action; Budapest, Hungary)
OMAAOntario Metis Aboriginal Association (Ontario, Canada)
OMAAOntario Municipal Administrators' Association (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
OMAAOffice for Multicultural and Academic Affairs (University of Minnesota)
OMAAOkinawan Martial Arts Association (UK)
OMAAOssett Martial Arts Academy (UK)
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I wish to highlight that the conferment of the OMAA to this outstanding Filipino represents undoubtedly a milestone in renewing the long-standing friendship between Mexico and the Philippines.
This group worked towards the reestablishment of a regional professional body, and became the Orientation and Mobility Association of Australasia (OMAA) in 2008 (OMAA, 2012).
It would have no doubt been helpful if the Powleys had adduced further evidence at trial to support, directly or indirectly, the proposition that the MNO (or OMAA) actually functions as or otherwise represents a contemporary right-bearing community.
Miish onow gegwedwegin waa-tazhindaagwakin omaa mazina'iganing.
McMillan ruled that the OMAA application "does not constitute a matter in which this court should exercise its discretion to intervene."
OMAA's definition is unique even among Metis groups.
Wetelainen says the only way for OMAA to make any headway was to offer extra value by sorting value on-site.
(13) Anishinaabeg odaa-aabajitoonaawaan odinwewiniwaan ji-bimaadiziiwinagak miinawaa ji-gikendaagwak geyaabi ayaayang omaa akiing.
Seeking a broader interpretation of the Powley decision, the Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association (OMAA) is asking an Ontario court to set aside the Metis Harvesting Agreement the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has struck with the Metis Nation of Ontario (MNO).
Belcourt insists the MNO is the only Metis group in Ontario with a hunting and fishing policy in place, and he doesn't accept the membership criteria of the group OMAA, the Ontario Metis Aboriginal Association, as valid.
However, management of this business development fund is only part of the work of the Ontario Metis and Aboriginal Association (OMAA) which represents 150,000 Metis and close to 50,000 Natives who, like Metis, live off reserves.