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It has been accepted for a long time that OmAb acts on the free IgE (mechanism (1) in Figure 3) and may abolish the binding of IgE to [Fc[epsilon]RI.sup.+] or [Fc[epsilon]RII.sup.+] (CD23) cells, Bcells, dendritic cells (DC), eosinophils (Eo), and monocytes.
It has also been published that OmAb may target membrane-IgE (mIgE) in IgE+ B-cells, reducing IL4R expression and IgE synthesis and decreasing the number of these cells, possibly by causing B-cell anergy [53] (mechanism (4) described in Figure 3).
To sum up, OmAb may act via several mechanisms, which appear to affect not only IgE-triggered events, but also the viability of the different cells, involved in these pathologies.
The understanding of asthma physiopathology has allowed the design of treatments for these persistent cases based on anti-IgE monoclonal antibodies such as OmAb.
Many clinical studies have reported the effectiveness of OmAb and the use of the drug has been extensively reviewed in the literature.
Interestingly, OmAb regulated Fc[epsilon]RI expression negatively on basophils and plasmacytoid dendritic cells and increased forced expiratory volume in the first minute (FEV1) compared with baseline after 16 weeks in patients with severe nonatopic asthma, as it does in severe atopic asthma [59].
The standard duration of treatment with OmAb has not been established to date.
Control is often insufficient and additional therapies have included leukotriene antagonists or cyclosporine, and more recently OmAb has been added if symptoms persist [6].
(27) Leetma omab ja majandab virtuaal setjalg palliklub i virtuaalses jalgpallikeskkonnas Hattrick.
(28) Kuigi Venemaa president Vladimir Putin hankis asja oma vastuseisule USA raketikaitsekilbile heakskiidu Hiinast ja omab ka Euroopa Liidu liikmete naol mottekaaslasi, ahvardab raketikaitsesusteemi arutelu siiski jaada Kolmanda Maailma probleemide jalgu.
The search word omab 'has' gave 275,000 references to Estonian web pages on 27/10/2005; however, on 7/10/2006 the number of hits amounted to 771, 000; the figures for evib were 397 and 1,000, respectively.
aprillil 1962 ajakirjas Jumala Abiga luhiteade Aleksius Ridigeri puhitsemise kohta Tallinna ja Eesti piiskopiks, millest loeme: "Siia saabunud teateil on kodumaalt mujale saadetud senine Eesti apostiliku-aigeusu kiriku piiskop Joann ja tema asemele puhitsetud uueks piiskopiks Aleksy Ridiger, kes omab nuud Tallinna ja Eesti piiskopi tiitlit.