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OMBOffice of Management & Budget (US government; also seen as USOMB)
OMBOntario Municipal Board (Government of Ontario)
OMBOne Man Band
OMBOh My Bieber
OMBOptical Media Board (Philippines)
OMBOfficial Match Ball (Adidas)
OMBOregon Marching Band (University of Oregon)
OMBOfficial Message Board
OMBOh My Buddha
OMBObtuse Marginal Branch
OMBOh My Bob
OMBOuter Marker Beacon (aviation)
OMBOperations Manual Bulletin
OMBOptical Mounting Board
OMBOriginating Message Buffers
OMBOrder of Mapungubwe: Bronze (South Africa)
OMBOrganizational Mailbox (US Air Force)
OMBOnly Make Believe (theater group; New York)
OMBOnline Marketing Blog
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s OMB report to be used as a bludgeon in both GOP primaries and in the 2014 general elections against Tea Party-aligned Republicans such as Amash.
The question of both the constitutionality and the desirability of Presidential intervention, through OMB regulatory oversight, was definitely settled in a well-known court case, Sierra Club v.
In each of these cases the reviewing doctor felt that there was no violation of the Medical Practice Act or violation of the Stipulated Orders the OMB had placed on my practice.
OMB pointed to an initiative by the Department of Homeland Security, which standardized its desktop operating systems, e-mail, and office automation and awarded a single contract to provide those products agency-wide.
reason for the failure of the draft Bulletin, but OMB also saw the
These numbers are purely hypothetical, for the sake of example, since the OMB has not yet developed accepted scales for scoring.
OMB requires federal agency CIOs to monitor the status of information security weaknesses, including the lack of full accreditation in POA&Ms for each system and network.
The Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy studied the report and is currently working with the OMB to rescind or modify regulations that adversely affect small businesses.
For example, the OMB 2003 Report estimates that for the ten year period from October 1, 1992, to September 30, 2002, the estimated total annual quantified benefits for major federal rules were between $146 billion and $230 billion, and the total annual quantified costs ranged from $36 billion to $42 billion.
A relatively small agency of just over 500 people, the OMB is located near the White House in the New Executive Office Building (NEOB) in downtown Washington, D.
By way of background, the OMB was formed in 1006 and was originally meant to reduce time spent by politicians and judges examining municipal affairs.
The OCHC board disagreed and McCooeye filed an OMB challenge.