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OMBOffice of Management & Budget (US government; also seen as USOMB)
OMBOntario Municipal Board (Government of Ontario)
OMBOne Man Band
OMBOh My Bieber
OMBOptical Media Board (Philippines)
OMBOfficial Match Ball (Adidas)
OMBOregon Marching Band (University of Oregon)
OMBOfficial Message Board
OMBOh My Buddha
OMBObtuse Marginal Branch
OMBOh My Bob
OMBOuter Marker Beacon (aviation)
OMBOperations Manual Bulletin
OMBOptical Mounting Board
OMBOriginating Message Buffers
OMBOrder of Mapungubwe: Bronze (South Africa)
OMBOrganizational Mailbox (US Air Force)
OMBOnly Make Believe (theater group; New York)
OMBOnline Marketing Blog
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Powerful as it may be, the OMB is checked by the judiciary, principally by the Sandiganbayan and the Supreme Court which can reverse or modify the actions and cases it initiates.
Although this proposal can be described in just four steps (the public submits an RIA, the regulatory agency submits the public comment to the OMB, the OMB makes a determination, and the regulatory agency includes this determination in the rulemaking record), some points are important to stress:
In sum, OMB has several ways of constructing regions and the MSAs that populate them.
requests to OMB in the first instance, the approval lever to require
Then OMB chair Merceditas Gutierrez asked the National Bureau of Investigation to conduct a probe on the existence of the syndicate to no avail.
s OMB report to be used as a bludgeon in both GOP primaries and in the 2014 general elections against Tea Party-aligned Republicans such as Amash.
In each of these cases the reviewing doctor felt that there was no violation of the Medical Practice Act or violation of the Stipulated Orders the OMB had placed on my practice.
OMB is working on a new definition of "inherently governmental.
Information and access: OMB has a hand in numerous areas concerning public access to information, including the Freedom of Information Act.
consider what role OMB should play in superintending the risk assessment
Appendix V of the supplement, List of Changes for the 2006 Compliance Supplement, is a key piece of guidance to identify all of the changes that OMB has made.
All sides are closely watching the OMB to see how it proceeds.