OMBDOrganic Molecular Beam Deposition
OMBDOffice of Minority Business Development (various locations)
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For formation of the active organic layer, 20 nm of commercially available fullerene [C.sub.60] (Sigma-Aldrich, purity 99,5%) was evaporated in an OMBD system, under a deposition pressure of ca.[10.sup.-7] mbar and at a growth rate of 0.3 A/s.
In this work, we have investigated the influence of various a6T nanostructures, formed by OMBD at substrate temperatures ranging between 300 K and 390 K, on the performance of inverted organic [alpha]-6T/[C.sub.60] solar cells.
It included mostly "low rise 'barrack like' buildings on a grid block pattern [that paid little] attention to the existing views, waterfront and the transportation corridor." (OMBD 656, 1992)