OMBEOrganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
OMBEOffice of Minority Business Enterprise
OMBEOffice of Management, Budget and Evaluation (US DOE)
OMBEOffice Machines and Business Equipment (Joplin, MO)
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172) But Stans argued that tinkering with OMBE would "impose a reorganization within a reorganization.
To finance technical assistance grants and new OMBE affiliates, Stans and his lieutenants requested a budget of $188 million in fiscal year 1972.
178 OMBE, later known as the Minority Business Development Agency, continued to referee minority enterprise policy.
By late 1971, the outlines of minority business policy were set, although OMBE was not scandal-proof.
After Nixon's reelection, White House officials continued to use OMBE for ill-gotten political gains.
188) The OMBE scandal proved minor when compared with the White House's "shakedown" of major corporations to finance Nixon's reelection.
OMBE continued to be plagued by oversights dating to the period 1969 to 1971.
Nixon's successors declined to increase funds for OMBE.
In September 1970, eighteen months after Nixon formed OMBE, the magazine Black Enterprise appeared on newsstands.