OMCFOperations Manager Connector Framework (web service)
OMCFOperations and Maintenance Control File
OMCFOrbiter Maintenance & Checkout Facility
OMCFOSU (Oklahoma State University) Microarray Core Facility (Stillwater, OK)
OMCFOperational Mission Critical Failure
OMCFOne Million Corals Framework (environmental project)
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with M in canonical form (OMCF gen) without subterm P ??
in canonical form (OMCF) [is not equal to] [Theta.sub.m] (iii) [II.sub.i] the canonical form [is not equal to] F of
s {[] [arrow right] [M.sub.n]})) with (i) [Sigma] in canonical form (OMCF) with k = 0, or rather its equivalent for sort S (ii) the rightmost part in canonical form (OSCF simple), but with merge structure components [M.sub.i] in canonical form (OMCFgen) [is not equal to] [Theta.sub.m] rather than (OMCF) (iii) p ??