OMCHSOffice of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety
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The entire group brainstormed a list of critical strategic issues that OMCHS must deal with to move in the direction of the preferred future.
At the Chicago conference, participants identified seven strategic issues that OMCHS will need to address in the decades to come:
The senior motor carrier and highway safety officials in FHWA - OMCHS office directors and division chiefs, resource center motor carrier operations managers, and state directors of motor carrier operations - will participate in several strategic workshops over a period of about six months to synthesize the alternative preferred scenarios and critical strategic issues into a workable strategic plan.
Then, they will integrate these elements with the OMCHS strategic initiative reports, other internal resource documents, and FHWA restructuring standards for organizational sub-units.
The plan will include the actions that OMCHS will start taking today to increase highway safety tomorrow, priorities, and a schedule for implementation.
The Program Performance Measures module addresses the effectiveness (in terms of crash prevention) and the associated cost savings of three OMCHS programs: roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles, compliance reviews (on-site audits) of commercial motor carriers, and Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) traffic-enforcement stops that are funded by OMCHS.
The Current Analysis Results module provides access to the OMCHS periodical Motor Carrier Analysis, Facts, and Evaluation (MCSAFE) and other recently published OMCHS-sponsored research results on motor carrier safety.
The A&I online system, as currently configured and used, represents a fragment of what this analytical tool is capable of doing for OMCHS. The future of A&I will probably involve adding additional information and new capabilities and expanding access to users outside of OMCHS and DOT.
Perhaps more importantly, the A&I site will gradually evolve into an analytical tool to support the needs of OMCHS staff by interpreting data, identifying safety problem areas, and prescribing solutions, particularly for recurring requirements.