OMCVDOrgano-Metallic Chemical Vapor Deposition
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Pereira et al., "Highly dispersed activated carbon supported platinum catalysts prepared by OMCVD: a comparison with wet impregnated catalysts," Applied Catalysis A: General, vol.
Chemical vapor deposition (a) Supports are evacuated in vacuum at 200[degrees]C for 4h to remove the adsorbed water (b) In general, OMCVD method involved in a system where the proportion between the substrate area and gas phase volume gets larger, so that the surface reactions hold a key parameter.
1D nanostructures can be obtained by organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD) [20], hydrothermal processes [21], glancing angle deposition (GLAD) [22], and oblique angle deposition (OAD) [23].