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OMDBDubai International Airport (ICAO airport code)
OMDBOver My Dead Body
OMDBOpen Movie Database
OMDBOnline Media Database
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The OMDB centerline makes an angle of 15 degrees with the vehicle longitude center line, according to the initial test configuration.
Momentum is conserved during the crash and by applying the momentum principles the velocity change in the OMDB and in the impacted target vehicle can be calculated.
Let the mass of the OMDB defined by ([m.sub.1]), the mass of the target vehicle be defined by ([m.sub.2]), and the mass ratio of the target vehicle to the barrier be defined by (R), R = [m.sub.2] [m.sub.1] (0.5 ~ 1.2).
The velocity changes in the OMDB ([delta][[upsilon].sub.1]) and in the target vehicle ([delta][[upsilon].sub.2]) can be calculated by subtracting the common velocity ([[upsilon].sub.c]) from their initial velocities.
Figures 10 and 11 show the velocity change of the target vehicle and of the OMDB in the 31 NHTSA's OI tests, respectively.
These results contradict the basic biomechanics understanding of injury risk and it raised concerns if there are other issues attributed to this trend that are related to the current test configuration, the OMDB specifications, or may even be the THOR M50 dummy characteristics.
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