OME-RESAOhio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency (school districts services)
OME-RESAOhio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency
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"We used to have 50 phone lines coming into OME-RESA. Now we have 20," says Fleder.
Those sites dial their nearest node to get onto the OME-RESA network.
OME-RESA tested the multiplexers for three months in 1989 and had the equipment in place by fall 1990.
For OME-RESA, it was a big, but manageable, undertaking to extend the network from the 56 kb/s sites to each school in the district.
OME-RESA in some cases had to wait impatiently until 56 kb/s lines became available in rural areas.
At OME-RESA's headquarters and all-DEC data center in Steubenville, Ohio, the multiplexing equipment goes straight from an 802.3 Ethernet connector into the DELNI, or Digital Ethernet Local Network Interface, bypassing servers or other potential points of failure.
Any slowdowns are due to the processing capacity at OME-RESA. Too many jobs come in from 8 a.m.