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OMETOntario Mineral Exploration Technologies (Canada)
OMETOpen Market Emission Trading (pollution control program; various states)
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Le realisateur omet completement [beaucoup moins que] l'ordre hierarchique racial qui a decide de la vie ou de la mort des troupes coloniales anglaises et francaises a Dunkerque et apres ca dans l'histoire[beaucoup plus grand que].
After studing their case Omet is said to have reported their complaint to the World Bank board of directors, leading to the launch of the World Bank Inspection Panel.
oMet with Dubai Municipality to reassure them of our world-class manufacturing processes and our commitment to public safety.
ACTE Involvement: Division: Oklahoma ACTE, Division Adviser (2007); Oklahoma Career-Tech Summer Conference Presenter (2007, 2001); OMET Reporter (2005); OMET, New Teacher of the Year (2003); OMET, Mentor Teacher (1999-2000); OMET, Member (1998-present); Oklahoma ACTE Member (1998-present); National ACTE Member (1998-present).
(DONAET FORGET TO CHECK)In 1997, the two found themselves in GarethAEs offices dealing with their divorces When Bleddyn and MichleAEs spouses omet someone elseo, the two found themselves in GarethAEs office dealing with their divorces.
Pointing out that Luxembourg was the thirteenth country to ratify the text, Mr Barroso said the vote was a opositive signalo as it showed that a majority of member states considered that the Constitution omet their expectationso and opened the way to a omore democratic, more efficient and strongero Europe.
The volunteers with the Ontario Mineral Exploration Technologies (OMET) program are the ones who are getting a sneak peak at some of the new and innovative methods people in the industry are devising to locate those resources.
La bataille de Sellasie, ou les adversaires furent Antigone Doson, roi de la Macedoine, et Cleomene III, roi de Sparte, est classee incorrectement comme un engagement entre un royaume hellenistique, et Rome; l'auteur omet aussi de souligner que les chiffres cites se rapportent au nombre des Macedoniens et de leurs allies (p.