OMFTSOperational Maneuver From The Sea
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The situation constituted the kind of "chaos in the littorals" that the OMFTS concept paper would later decry as a war of "all against all." (50) In response, Bishop moved Americans into relatively secure areas in and around the embassy, while Italian officials made a fruitless effort to arrange a cease-fire among the factions.
Spinney, "OMFTS: Innovation, Deep Maneuver, and Aviation," Marine Corps Gazette (December 1997), p.
In an area of operations, the MPF (F) will provide a sea-based staging area and added maneuver space that will allow the joint force commander to execute the OMFTS and STOM concepts.
terms, the emerging doctrine of Operational Maneuver from the Sea (OMFTS) developed by the Marine Corps represents the application of operational art in planning and conducting amphibious landings.