OMHOrange County (airport code, VA)
OMHOpen Market Handset (telecommunications)
OMHOffice Municipal d'Habitation
OMHOatmeal Milk and Honey (soap)
OMHOhhh... My Head.. (beer rating organization)
OMHOutta My Hands
OMHOn My Honor
OMHOld Mother Hubbard
OMHOh My Heck
OMHOffice of Mental Health
OMHOffice of Minority Health
OMHOutpatient Mental Health (various locations)
OMHOld Meeting House (various organizations)
OMHOh My Heavens
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The Developmental Disability Provider Health Information Technology Investment Program grant is for either software or hardware, as defined on the OMH website and listed below.
OMH began in 2006 through participation in the NCSCC, benchmarking data.
46) As of 2011, the percentage of the SHU population on the OMH caseload had also dropped from 19% to less than 14%.
B commercial deployments, Simultaneous Voice and Data (SVDO) on CDMA2000 handsets, establishment of the first CDMA Roaming Hubs, OMH expansion into more than 10 new markets and the introduction of the first EV-DO and LTE WorldMode(TM) devices.
Tile OMH shall be headed by a psychologist or psychiatrist who is qualified to diagnose and treat suicidal behavior, who is familiar with the professional health-care literature relating to suicide, and who is licensed to treat patients in the PHE's state.
AMC will propose to both DOH and OMH that we decrease the number of inpatient psychiatry beds on our operating certificate to 26 (E2 secure unit) and that we convert the remaining 26 beds on our operating certificate to 20 medical/ surgical beds and 6 pediatric beds.
elderly patient population is linguistically and culturally diverse (CDC, 2004; OMH, 2003).
The agenda will propel OMH and its partners toward a shared destination: a nation free of health disparities, with quality health outcomes for all.
10 effective November 7, 1990) had been promulgated by the Commissioner of the OMH with the express purpose to "ensure the protection of patients who participate in research while, at the same time, facilitating research into the very disorders from which they surfer and that underlie their impairment.
The Second Circuit did recognize that YASL had a relationship with the New York State OMH, which was involved with the creation of YASL.
Information: OMH Summit 2006, Native American Management Services, 6858 Old Dominion Drive, Suite 310, McLean, VA 22101 USA, 866-313-2955, fax: 703-821-8626, e-mail: info@ omhsummit2006.
January 9-11, 2006: National OMH Leadership Summit, Grand Hyatt Washington, Washington, D.