OMHSOak Mountain High School (Birmingham, Alabama)
OMHSOffice of Mental Health Services
OMHSOwensboro-Medical Health System (Owensboro, KY)
OMHSOwings Mills High School (Maryland)
OMHSOutpatient Mental Health Service (various organizations)
OMHSOwensboro Mercy Health System (Kentucky)
OMHSOakland Mills High School (Maryland)
OMHSOld Maui High School (Hawaii)
OMHSOriental Medicine and Health Services
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A full match indicated respondents received care from all preferred provider types (e.g., Preferred: PCP and OMHS; Received: PCP and OMHS), whereas no match indicated respondents received none of the preferred treatments (e.g., Preferred: psychiatrist; Received: PCP).
Overall, 52.8% of all respondents preferred combined treatment involving a psychiatrist and an OMHS. All provider types had similarly high preference rates (i.e., range 63.9% to 66.5%) when considered separately.
Compared with those with MDD alone, higher proportions of veterans with MDD + PTSD preferred treatment involving mental health clinicians (i.e., OMHS and/or psychiatrist care).
Comorbid PTSD groups reported higher rates of accessing nearly all forms of care with significant differences for the all care category (OMHS, PCP, and psychiatrist).
Across treatment preference categories, veterans with MDD + PTSD and MDD + AUD + PTSD were significantly more likely to receive a preference match for providers with capacity for medication management (i.e., PCP and/or psychiatrist care; [chi square](1, n = 653) = 93.1, p < .001), and mental health clinicians (i.e., OMHS and/or psychiatrist care; [chi square](1, n = 590) = 45.9, p < .001) compared to veterans without comorbid PTSD.
Each PHE shall establish an Office of Mental Health (OMH)
The OMH shall be directly accountable to the PHE's president or provost.
Tile OMH shall be headed by a psychologist or psychiatrist who is qualified to diagnose and treat suicidal behavior, who is familiar with the professional health-care literature relating to suicide, and who is licensed to treat patients in the PHE's state.
The purpose of this ATD shall be to record students' preferences about the manner in which treatment and counseling is to be provided to them and about what the OMH shall do if it determines that the student faces a moderately high risk of mental illness or suicide, a proximal risk of suicide, or an imminent risk of suicide.
Components from OMHs can be extracted using various extraction methods, and the extraction efficiency and component contents vary according to the extraction method.
It was successfully applied for screening and identifying natural bioactivity from OMHs and natural substance complex mixtures.