OMIBOnline Monitoring and Identification of Bioaerosols (Department of Computer Science; Universität Freiburg; Freiburg, Germany)
OMIBObserver Mission in Burundi (peacekeeping; UN)
OMIBOne Machine Infinite Bus
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Also, for the USA, we constructed a series inclusive of OMIBs, making use of information from The State of Small Business, issues 1986 and 1996.
Total employment includes self-employed (including OMIBs and unpaid family workers) as well as employees.
[D.sub.OMIB]: dummy for countries defining the number of business owners inclusive of owner-managers of incorporated businesses (OMIBs): this variable gets value one for the countries Belgium through New Zealand (as mentioned in section 3.1), and value zero for the remaining countries.
The estimated correction factor for the number of OMIBs, [b.sub.OMIB], is plausible, both for manufacturing and services.