OMIPOregon Medical Insurance Pool
OMIPOptimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panel
OMIPOcean Model Intercomparison Project
OMIPOld Mutual Investment Partners (Denver, CO)
OMIPOffice for Management of Intellectual Property (University of California, Santa Cruz)
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My dad paid $700 per month for OMIP coverage until this month, when the full rollout of the ACA meant he could no longer be denied insurance because of his pre-existing condition.
OMIP, a company that was created with the signing of MIBEL, would operate the Iberian derivatives market and the inherent clearing business, including OTC clearing.
The latter two firms use OMIP funds for exploration work near Wawa and north of Thessalon.
There are a lot of prospectors in the area who took advantage of OPAP (the Ontario Prospectors Assistance Program) and I hope to see them take advantage of OMIP," he said.
Besides Babcock's project, one of the few additional exploration projects to receive OMIP assistance is being, undertaken in Algoma Mills.
Of that amount, $25 million is earmarked to enhance both OPAP (the Ontario Prospectors Assistance Program) and OMIP (the Ontario Mineral Incentive Program).
Of the $30-million package, $25 million will be used to enhance OPAP (the Ontario Prospectors Assistance Program) and OMIP (the Ontario Mineral Incentive Program).
Under OMIP, companies can receive grants -- equal to 30 per cent of eligible expenses -- for exploration activity, including diamond drilling and some underground exploration.
Flow-through-share-funded companies will be eligible for OMIP grants.
The deal, which allows OMIP to collect the PPL income to over 3,000 music performances held within the catalogue(s) master rights was originally acquired on the 1st January 2010 and expanded on the 25th November 2013 (as per the relevant RNS Announcements) with Tropicana Holdings.
In 1989 we approved 28 OPAP applications for a total of $103,743, while OMIP had one application approved for $22,000.
OPAP is favored by those requiring assistance, because half the awarded amount is issued on approval, while OMIP requires applicants to cover costs prior to grant application.