OMMAOnline Media, Marketing and Advertising (magazine)
OMMAOregon Medical Marijuana Act
OMMAOnline Media and Marketing
OMMAOkanagan Mainline Municipal Association (Canada)
OMMAOntario Ministry of Municipal Affairs (Canada)
OMMAOffice of Military Manpower Administration (South Korea)
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(10) Kui hummalad sa-i-d noppi-tud, CONJ hop:PL SAA-PST-PL pick-PST.IMPS.PTCP siis koggus temma igga ohto hummala warred ja lahhed, he collected their stalks and leaves every evening ja heitis neid omma lammaste ette (COLE, Luce 1812) and cast them before his sheep 'When the hops were picked, he collected their stalks and leaves every evening and cast them before his sheep' The next-most common is the saama future construction, which is somewhat more common (25% to 17%) in the second half of the century than in the first half, e.g.
OMMA is a monthly magazine covering online media, marketing and advertising.
On 58 minutes Arsenal moved from one end of the pitch to the other in just four passes to reall ll lly take ke com omma ma d nd nd nd Gi Gi Gi Giro ro ro d ud ud to really take command.
In the first meeting Iphigenia wants to look at her father and longs for his omma (eye or face here, 648; cf.
Just All ey ses - s bee nsult or sty four e in al s, wea n eleg her o d Kat Harp y not s but omma reet.
MediaPost recently recognized Barneys with two OMMA awards for Best Retail Site and Best Online Integrated Campaign (in fashion/retail).
[...] min trost ar, att lasare gifvas, hvilka gerna forlata Horatius och Despreaux, nar hjertat kan omma och ogat kanske falla en tar.
His paintings have been exhibited in the World Fine Art Gallery at New York and the Omma Art Gallery in Crete Greece.