OMMICOrdnance, Maintenance, Management Information Center
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OMMIC fully integrated core chips include digital serial-to-parallel converters using its 60 GHz E/D process line, which is being converted to 6 inch wafers.
Not surprisingly, Rocchi sees performance, integration and cost as being the major driving forces for the microwave semiconductor industry, with OMMIC's unique 0.2 and 0.1 [micro]m E/D processes being perfectly suited to meet these challenging requirements via its scaled down processes and six inch wafers.
The QUB group has a number of well-established links with UK and international industry including OMMIC, AVX-Kyocera, M/A-COM and TDK, which has an industrial implant on site at the QUB HF laboratories.
[2-5] The design is based on a Philips OMMIC 0.5 [micro]m GaAs PHEMT technology with an [f.sub.T] of 25 GHz.
In order to achieve high performance with low cost, the circuits were designed using the Philips OMMIC 0.5-[micro]m GaAs PHEMT process with 25-GHz [f.sub.T].
Technology and library support from the staff of Ommic in France is also acknowledged.
Through the combination of optical and microwave functions on the same substrate, small and economical optical-MMIC (OMMIC)-based T/R modules should be realizable.
Rooted in the LUFET concept, new emphasis is being directed into OMMIC circuit function design.