OMMONOperationalized Multisymptomatic Model of Neuroses (behaviour therapy)
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Proposals to heat the North Birmingham Academy building using a low carbon biomass boiler had been met with protests from esidents on the Perry ommon estate.
Dutton on the Mrraumbidgee, these reptiles were very ommon. One had dropped from the roof onto a sleeping man's bed during the night.
The ommon perception of the sport is of people in camouflage playing soldiers in woodland.
She and Ommon Huppop recently analyzed the reams of accumulated data to look for changes in migration dates that could be related to climate changes.
Questioning turning points presumed to be shared by various regions can lead to a rejection of uniform timelines, and hence to denial of a c ommon history and identity and thus to a redrawing of borders.
By contrast, most c ommon eiders remain along the mainland coast, migrating eastward from Cape Bathurst to a second staging area in Dolphin and Union Strait (Barry, 1986; Alexander et al., 1997).
M." for common meter, GALLATIN is really c ommon meter doubled, accommodating two four-line stanzas of Watts's hymn.
Fracture surfaces up to 6 x 9 cm covered with radiating ferrisurite have been observed, but are very unc ommon. Ferrisurite of the third habit consists of compact olive-green to dark green fibrous aggregates intimately intergrown with coarse-grained quartz and minor, massive, gray cerussite, chrysocolla, mimetite and galena.
Clearly, adolescents from these two distinctive cultural milieus share a c ommon core of attitudes, values, and self-reported behaviors, inter-related in the same basic structure.
To conceive the national inheritance as a building is both to render the c ommon life concrete and to insist on the need for human effort to maintain it.
This type of situation is also c ommon in gambling contexts where players are often exposed to different sources of information about the chances of winning.
Convergence on a c ommon reproductive phenotype at higher densities appeared to minimize the genetic distinctions that were apparent at low density, and stocks did not differ in the eventual density that could be sustained in a given tank.