OMMPOregon Medical Marijuana Program
OMMPOntario Mandatory Mediation Program (Canada)
OMMPOccupational Medical Monitoring Program
OMMPOuter Membrane Main Protein (microbiology)
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It's a given that some OMMP patients may be suffering less than others.
Clearly, there is an impetus for OMMP patients, who are more likely to be poor and disabled than their recreational counterparts, to gauge the cost of their cannabis use against the benefits.
While the decision protects Oregon's 36,000 patients and caregivers who hold OMMP licenses and ostensibly get their pot at dispensaries, Oregon NORML thinks the state is ready for even more reform.
Behind the bar, Rumpspankers owner Eric Solomon, wearing a grubby tent-sized T-shirt, tells his staff and the NORML volunteers, who all must have OMMP cards, to expect "at least a thousand people.
Many current patients have said they will continue to be OMMP cardholders because they are medical cannabis patients, not recreational cannabis users.
The passage of Measure 91 last November did nothing to lessen their appraisal of cannabis' important health benefits, and expressly sought to protect the OMMP by not throwing its patients under the onrushing bus of cannabis' legalization.
This new application is part of the modernisation of e-administration and the improvement of the quality of services of the OMMP, the statement reads.
Following the petitions, EPA consented to the training with particular safeguards, including use of bullet capture systems and compliance with Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Plans ( OMMPs ) developed for each of the three ranges.
This shortage prevents patients from properly utilizing cannabis' preventive and healing qualities in addressing the major medical problems we patients face in order to get an OMMP card in the first place
While patients now receive protection under the OMMP, we still have thousands of others, users of a plant that Drug Enforcement Agency administrative law judge Francis Young called "one of the safest therapeutic substances known to man" who live under the threat of arrest and prosecution.
Oregon is missing the mark by not realizing we already have more than 12,000 case studies of cannabis as medicine in the OMMP, in spite of what Big Brother says.
Pour ce faire, un comite mixte a ete cree impliquant les differents intervenants (STAM, OMMP, CTN, Douane et forces de la securite) dans l'optique de relever ce defi de taille.