OMMSOrganisation Mondiale du Mouvement Scout (French: World Organization of the Scout Movement)
OMMSOrganización Mundial del Movimiento Scout (Spanish; World Organization of the Scout Movement)
OMMSOrdnance Mechanical Maintenance School (Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland)
OMMSOrchard Mesa Middle School (Grand Junction, CO)
OMMSOak Meadow Montessori School
OMMSOrganizational Maintenance Management Subsystem
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In lieu of the convoy live-fire exercise, OMMS decided to set up an advanced rifle marksmanship (ARM) range.
The OMMS advanced rifle marksmanship range increased Soldiers' confidence and abilities to engage targets with their assigned weapon and prepared them to enter the force.
Linked to the expansion of birth clinics, other OMM facilities had to grow as well in order to accommodate the rising birthrate.
Kazakhstan's Commissariat of Public Health ordered medical workers at OMM facilities and throughout the healthcare system to spread the word regarding the ills of abortion.
Even when the expansion of OMM facilities, daycare centers, and communal kitchens fell short of ambitious goals, the state could still claim that the effort itself represented the regime's commitment to women who, in turn, should support the state's agenda in other arenas, such as collectivization and industrialization.
At this time, OMMS began teaching students at the new Tactical Support Equipment Department (TSED) building (also known as Rozier Hall) on the new campus.
The OMMS move was not a simple relocation from one site to another because no movement could begin until there was somewhere to move.
Tenant organizations at Aberdeen Proving Ground sent requests to the garrison to move into other Ordnance School buildings upon OMMS's departure.
Also in 2011, the Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School from Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, will begin merging with elements from OMMS to form a total of five technical training departments at the new Ordnance School campus at Fort Lee as part of the establishment of the Sustainment Center of Excellence.
TSED personnel, along with the OMMS Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) Office, have been involved in the planning efforts since shortly after the BRAC announcement in May 2005.