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The above authors interpreted this behavior by chemical interactions of the alkoxyl silicone catalyst with hydroxyls present in OMMT as well as with the hydroxyl-containing base rubber.
On the other hand, the incorporation of OMMT into PA6/HDPE matrix significantly increased its tensile modulus.
The minority aPA component was modified with 2, 5, 7, and 10 wt% OMMT prior to melt-mixing with gPP (PP/PP-g-MA blend in 80/20 composition); corresponding blends were also obtained as a reference.
The product was then filtered and repeatedly washed with hexane at room temperature to obtain the acyl-chloride functionalized OMMT (OMMT-COCl), a kind of gray powder.
Both PLA and TPU were dried in a vacuum oven at 80[degrees]C for 8 h, while OMMT was dried at 90[degrees]C in a vacuum oven for 12 h.
To date, numerous researchers have been reported on the PBS/OMMT nanocomposites filled by various types of OMMT (19-21).
Besides modifying the mechanical properties of the matrix (1), (11), the incorporation of OMMT gives rise to an important perturbation of the fracture mechanism characteristic of the matrix.
The effect of HP and OMMT contents on the physico-mechanical and thermal properties of the cured epoxy/OMMT composites was investigated.
With regard to thermal properties, most reports indicate that regardless of the organic modifier, OMMT nucleated PET crystallization, accelerated the crystallization rate, and promoted the formation of smaller, less-regular crystallites (23), (24), (26), (28), (31), (33), (34), (38), (42), (43).