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In both cases, as expected, the released volatile organic compounds were mainly saturates and the emissions were significantly reduced in the presence of OMMT. Whether this is due to interactions between clay and saturates or a labyrinth effect is debatable, but the result is nonetheless interesting.
So in this study, LDHs, OMMT, and CB were used as asphalt modifiers to prepare anti-UV ageing asphalt.
Three groups of samples were prepared: (i) hydrophilic bentonite (BE) dispersed directly in the acrylic resin; (ii) oMMT (C25A, C93A, OMBE) dispersed in ethanol and then in the acrylic resin; and (iii) oMMT (C10A, C93A) dispersed in acetone and then in the polyurethane resin emulsion.
Three different flame retardants were used: (1) aluminum hydroxide (ATH), analytically pure with [d.sub.50] of 13.5 [micro]m; (2) unmodified montmorillonite K-10 (MMT) with specific surface area at 240 [m.sub.2]/g; (3) DK2 series organically modified montmorillonite (OMMT), industrial grade.
Table 2: Recipe for the semi-continuous emulsion polymerization of P (U/A/Si)/OMMT Ingredients Charge (g) PUDs (20 wt% solid) 30.00 Demineralized water 100.00 HEC 0.60 NaCI 0.20 NaHC[O.sub.3] 0.20 Initiator: [(N[H.sub.4]).sub.2][S.sub.2][O.sub.8] 0.20 MMA 24.00 MEBDMSBA 0.00-4.00 OMMT 1.50 [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
Gai and Li [42,43] investigated the effects of polymer modified-organo-modified montmorillonite (OMMT) and PP on the morphology, rheological behaviors and mechanical properties of UHMWPE, suggesting the reducing viscosity, increasing tensile properties and nucleating effect of OMMT.
The XRD patterns of unmodified MMT, Ag-MMT, OMMT, and Ag-OMMTs (modified with different amounts of [Ag.sup.+]) are presented in Figure 1.
In this study, 3 wt% polyurethane (PU)/organically modified montmorillonite (OMMT) composites were synthesized by in situ polymerization method through an ultrasonication-assisted technique at various processing durations.
This is different from the HDPE/PA6 system modified with organophilized montmorillonite oMMT, where marked enlargement of fibre diameter occurred due to enhanced coalescence in the course of melt drawing [27,28].
OMMT. Dellite 43B is an organically modified montmorillonite (OMMT) supplied by the Laviosa Chimica Mineraria S.p.A.
Various kinds of organically modified montmorillonite(OMMT) were used for compatibilizer in immiscible blends.
In recent years, research on polymer nanocomposites (NCs) based on modified layered clays, usually montmorillonite (OMMT), has ranged from studying conventional polymeric matrices consisting of a single polymer to analyzing matrices based on polymer blends which are generally immiscible [1-4].