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A los curadores de los siguientes museos y colecciones: AMNH, ANSP, BYU, CAS, CM, CUMV, CNAR, ECO-CH-H, ECO-SC-H, FMNH, IHNHERP, KU, LACM, LSUMZ, MPM, MZ-UNICACH, MCZ, MZFC, OMNH, TCWC, TNHC, UF, UAEH, UMMZ, USNM, UTEP y YPM.
[dagger] Jacobsomys verdensis: Czaplewski, 1987, and cast of the original type (MNA 4849, M1, M2, and m1, m2, cast housed in OMNH, 2722).
[dagger] Prosigmodon holocuspis: Czaplewski, 1987, and cast of some specimens in that work, m1 (MNA V4831), m2 (MNA V4832), m3 (MNAV4834), casts housed in OMNH 2721.
Stovall died in 1953; his field notes are lost, and he was never able to study or publish the Pleistocene vertebrates from the rockshelter OMNH V1039.
Love County: 1 mi W, 2 mi N of Powell, 1 specimen (OMNH 15054; specimen deaccessioned).
Strain (1937) listed a thoracic vertebra (formerly catalog number S-470; now OMNH 58500) as Platygonus from the C.
Voucher specimens (skins and skeletons, skeletons, or fluid-preservations) were deposited in the Collection of Mammals (OMNH) and samples of tissues were deposited in the Oklahoma Collection of Genomic Resources of the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
Le Flore: Cedar Lake, Holson Valley Rd (OMNH field 3215); Ouachita National Forest, Ark.