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OMNIOrganising Medical Networked Information
OMNIOpportunities for Micronutrient Interventions Project
OMNIOperating Missions as a Node on the Internet (NASA networking project)
OMNIOppose Militancy & Neutralize Invasion (Gundam Seed anime)
OMNIOpen Minds, New Ideas (Poland Spring, ME summer camp)
OMNIOperation and Maintenance of Navigation Installations
OMNIOutput Matching Network Impedance
OMNIOverseas Moving Network Institute
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We see an instance of Coleridge's liability to err, in his 'Biographia Literaria'--professedly his literary life and opinions, but, in fact, a treatise de omni scibili et quibusdam aliis.
As the new owners of the developments, Omni New York LLC will install new kitchen cabinets and new floors in apartments, tiles, tubs and toilets in bathrooms, boilers, hot water heaters, make electric, plumbing upgrades and install security cameras.
Local 2004 Omni Award winners and performers from the Santa Clarita Valley included Lisa Tenorio, Colton Burton, L.
Omni firmware measures virtually any liquid - crude, NGLs, refined products, LPGs and ethylene.
Four years ago, the company's attorneys began sending letters to similarly named travel firms ordering them to cease and desist from using the Omni title.
The 10-story tower, owned by Omni Development Corp.