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In Gabon, the emphasis will be on developing the OMOC-North and OMOC fields in the south-west of Onal.
Hydrocarbon resources (M&P share, net of royalties) Type of 01/01/2011 Type of Hydrocarbon resource millions of barrels GABON ONAL 85% Oil 25 P3 OMKO 85% Oil 4 P3 OMBG 85% Oil 14 P3 OMGW 85% Oil 4 P3 OMOC-North 85% Oil 19 P3 OMOC 85% Oil 26 P3 COLOMBIA Sabanero 100% Oil 33 CPO-17 50% Oil in process of evaluation C1+C2 NIGERIA OML 4, 38, 41 20.
Alongside this, the Group is assessing the OMOC field discovered in March 2009 with the OMOC-101 well to the south of ONAL.