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OMONOtdel Milicii Osobogo Naznacheniya (Russian: Department of Police for Special Assignment)
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(52) The current whereabouts and disposition of the Islamic State's War Minister and deffected Tajikistan OMON commander remain a mystery.
Despite these huge figures, local buyers still have difficultly sourcing the variety of products they need to produce cutting edge designs: "Availability of good quality, good value, design-led products locally, has been a huge challenge." - Omon Anenih Mordi, Blue Mahogany.
Lithuanian prosecutors have established that Mikhailov, being a member of the Soviet Interior Ministry's special police unit OMON and acting as part of a squad organized by Cheslav Mlynik, together with other members of the squad, Andrei Laktionov and Alexander Ryzhov, intentionally killed Lithuanian customs and police officers Antanas Musteikis, Stanislavas Orlavicius, Ricardas Rabavicius, Algirdas Kazlauskas, Juozas Janonis, Algimantas Juozakas and Mindaugas Balavakas, and attempted to kill Tomas Sernas.
Omon Kongombe); and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (M.D.
Soviet Internal Security Forces and OMON units against peaceful Armenian population in Nagorno-Karabakh in 1991), Heritage Party
The platform is called Organization of Minorities for Defense against Violence (OMON), and has been created by the National Center for the Development of Roma in Bulgaria, reports
The APS is also used by Russian police tactical teams such as OMON, SOBR, VIP security and hostage rescue teams who appreciate its greater accuracy and high rate of fire.
Hundreds of people including relatives had also gathered outside the Kopeisk prison to support the convicts, and on Saturday night they were involved in bloody clashes with OMON riot police who sought to disperse them.
The attack was repulsed by local police and "Black Berets" or OMON, a special riot militia established, ironically, for quite the opposite purpose of dispersing nationalist and reformist demonstrations.
Investigators called in a number of protest leaders and organizers, including well-known blogger Aleksey Navalny and media personality Kseniya Sobchak, for questioning regarding violent clashes between protestors and OMON riot police at a May 6 rally.
has begun to train the Tajik OMON (Special Interior Ministry Police).
While army units or riot squads (OMON) stationed in Moscow are too disgruntled by the recent police and military reforms to participate in a bloody clampdown, special-operations forces from the provinces, staffed with veterans of the Chechen war, might cherish the excitement of sticking it to the Moscow fat cats.