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OMPOuter Membrane Protein
OMPObras Misionales Pontificias (Spanish)
OMPObservatoire Midi-Pyrenees
OMPOrotidine 5'-Monophosphate
OMPOlfactory Marker Protein
OMPOrthogonal Matching Pursuit
OMPOccupational Maternity Pay (UK)
OMPOffice of Marine Programs (University of Rhode Island)
OMPOffice Managing Partner
OMPOregon Mozart Players (Eugene, OR)
OMPOwen Media Partners (Canada)
OMPOne Moment Please
OMPOdor Management Plan (Department of Agriculture)
OMPOperations and Maintenance Plan
OMPOne Man Party
OMPOperations & Management Platform
OMPOperation and Maintenance Processor (CCS #7-Sprint)
OMPOpen Market Purchase (finance)
OMPO'Hare Airport Modernization Program
OMPOcean Measurements Program
OMPOnline Marketing Program
OMPOptimized Model Potential
OMPOutbound Message Processor
OMPOperation and Maintenance Platform (Clearnet)
OMPOrganizata Te Menaxhimit Te Peshkimit (Albanian Organisation of Management of Fisheries)
OMPOh My Pizza
OMPOptimized Multipath forwarding
OMPOccult Malignant Primary
OMPOptics and Modern Physics
OMPOmni Mobile Platform (Aligo)
OMPOperational Movement Planning
OMPOrganometallic Polymers
OMPOrganic Membrane Proteins
OMPOperation & Maintenance Manual With Parts List (TMINS)
OMPOpen Messaging Protocol
OMPOh My Pudding (Internet chat)
OMPOrchard Medical Practice (Ipswich, England)
OMPOrbiter Multiplayer Project (gaming framework)
OMPOffice of Medical Policy (US FDA)
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These same voices began switching camps so unexpectedly that lately many of the attacks on the OMP have been directed from Mr.
8% stacking and 12% separating gel after the OMP preparation was solubilized at 100[degrees]C for 5 minutes in 0.
Evaluation and comparison of recombinant OMP 28 antigen in indirect ELISA for seroprevalence study of canine brucellosis.
Results: Quantitative analysis of our study show that OMP is a useful instructional tool for improving presentation skills (78.
Preparation of outer membrane protein (OMP) vaccine: The OMP of E.
Within the sparse coding phase of K-SVD and the optimization problem (6), OMP is a greedy algorithm frequently used for solving the [l.
Aunque este capitulo no es una vision nacional propiamente, la decision de Enrique Pena Nieto del 24 de septiembre de 2014, por medio de la cual Mexico anuncia su participacion con efectivos militares y personal civil en las OMP, resulta un capitulo de trascendencia nacional (el libro fue presentado unos dias antes de la redaccion de esta resena en el Instituto Matias Romero de la Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores).
The conventional OMP is a greedy algorithm that can solve the CS with relatively low computational complexity, in contrast to most BP based approaches and original MP.
4, it is evident that NITRA displayed better visual quality than OMP and StOMP for least number of measurements i.
OMP generated $250 million in revenue in 2014, employs approximately 1,300 with plants in Rogers and Batesville and is the majority owner of Blue Rooster, which opened a deboning plant in Warren.
OMP has constructed and acquired more than 36 million square feet of office, industrial, and mixed-use space, developing more than 1,598 acres of raw land throughout Southern California.
Son varios los motivos que explican esa renuencia que duro veinte anos: por una parte la opinion negativa de la Secretaria de Defensa, inspirada por una vieja actitud defensiva ante el exterior; de la otra, la confusion existente entre lideres politicos y opinion publica sobre cual es el procedimiento que pone andar a una OMP y las condiciones y alcances de participar en ella.