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OMPAOuter Membrane Protein A
OMPAOklahoma Municipal Power Authority (Edmond, OK)
OMPAOregon Media Production Association (est. 1982)
OMPAOctamethyl Pyrophosphoramide
OMPAOhio Maple Producers Association (Wooster, OH)
OMPAOccupational Medicine Performance Assessment
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MF496152-MF496168 (rrs), MF496169MF496185 (gltA), MF496186-MF496199 (ompB), and MK102707-MK102720 (ompA).
Key words: Chlamydia psittaci, chlamydiosis, avian, Psittaciformes, Columbiformes, ompA gene, nested-PCR
The bonds are secured by OMPA's net revenues, including payments received under power sales contracts (PSCs) with 42 participating trusts operating municipal electric utilities, as well as funds established by the resolution.
Among them, only whole-genome sequencing targets all polymorphisms, others target ompA or single-nucleotide polymorphisms.[9],[24]
Out of 81 E.coli isolates, the most prevalent gene detected was ompA (90.12%), followed by ETT2 (69.14%), irp2 (54.32%), EAST1 (46.91%), CS31A (41.98%), estB (19.75%), eaeA (14.81%), estA (12.35%) and K88 (1.23%), while others were negative.
Ayalew, "The OmpA family of proteins: roles in bacterial pathogenesis and immunity," Veterinary Microbiology, vol.
Although the use of signal peptide PhoA proposed in this study is consistent with the performed empirical test (24), other tests with OmpA signal peptide, which was not a candidate in this study, had also good results (25).
The primer sequences, specific for part of the ompA gene, are shown in Table 1.