OMPADECOil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission
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The objectives of OMPADEC included compensating the communities that had suffered ecological and environmental damage or deprivation as a result of oil mineral prospecting; opening up the affected areas and effectively linking them up socially and economically with the rest of the country by providing different forms of infrastructure and physical development; tackling ecological problems caused by the exploration of oil mineral; liaising with the various oil companies on matters of pollution control; and receiving and administering the monthly sums from the Federation account in accordance with the confirmed ratio of oil production in each area (The Vanguard, 1993, p.
OMPADEC was established by the Ibrahim Babangida government (1985-1993).
Yet another development commission, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was established as a successor to the OMPADEC in 1999.
Unfortunately, OMPADEC was riddled with mismanagement and political patronage.
All along these areas have opposed allocations to oil-producing state (and local) governments rather than directly to them as oil-producing communities, and the establishment of OMPADEC in 1992 was partly in response to such demands.
Perhaps then strengthening OMPADEC and allocating Sufficient funds to it to develop the communities from whose lands oil is derived is the most practicable way of meeting the demand that part of the wealth from oil should be used to develop these areas.
The oil communities themselves, however, did not consider OMPADEC to be sufficient.
This was in addition to the 3% allocated to OMPADEC for development projects in the region.
It is partly in response to this that OMPADEC was established, but the communities are asking for much greater compensation, which has led to insurrectionist movements (e.g., the Ogonis of Rivers state).
14 Since January 1994, Nigerian newspapers have been inundated with "advertorials" by oil-producing communities over issues related to OMPADEC, many complaining of neglect and reorganization of the body.