OMPFOfficial Military Personnel File
OMPFOntario Municipal Partnership Fund (Canada)
OMPFOuter Membrane Protein F (biochemistry)
OMPFOffice of Missing Persons and Forensics (UN)
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The restricted section is "that portion of the OMPF that contains information not normally viewed by career managers or selection boards.
Except for administrative or clerical errors, documents filed in the OMPF may not be removed or changed except by authorization of Secretary of Navy.
A provincial review of government expenditures as it moves to address its budget deficit, is threatening OMPF funding.
Include a note indicating your name and social security number and state that you want CPL certification added to your OMPF.
To add the CPL certification to their ORB and OMPF, Active Army and Army Reserve officers should submit a notarized copy of the SOLE CPL certificate to their assignment officer in accordance with existing procedures for the documentation of civilian education and training.
A newer system, Network Attach Storage, allows us to store just the data needed for the OMPF, which gives soldiers quick access to their records.
System architects recognized early in the planning process that transitioning such a large volume of records to the Internet would require a systems management solution to help ensure the performance and availability of the OMPF Online.
The objective of the contract is "to audit the financial statements prepared under IFRS for the financial years 2013 and 2014, respectively auditing financial statements prepared according to OMPF 3055/2009 financial year 2014".
Once entered into your record, the transcript will be added to your OMPF.
The OMPF and ESR Command View applications together make service record review more secure and convenient.
This change to AR 600-8-104, Military Personnel Information Management/Records authorizes the inclusion of the CPL certificate in the OMPF.
The 1SGs made the OMPF an inspectable item with the soldier's readiness deployment file.