OMPFOperation and Maintenance Processor Frame
OMPFOfficial Military Personnel File
OMPFOntario Municipal Partnership Fund (Canada)
OMPFOuter Membrane Protein F (biochemistry)
OMPFOffice of Missing Persons and Forensics (UN)
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For instance, a general officer memorandum of reprimand should adequately describe the misconduct it addresses and should include supporting evidence filed in the OMPF for future reference.
If the VCSA issues a GOMOR, it will most likely be filed in the clients OMPF. A GOMOR in a senior officer's OMPF can have a devastating effect on his career.
Army Personnel Command, usually maintains a soldier's OMPF. It consists of a performance section (performance, commendatory, and disciplinary data), a service section (general information and service data), and, in some cases, a restricted section (controlled data).
(62) For example, if a battalion commander directs the filing of an Article 15 in the performance section of a soldier's OMPF, on appeal the brigade commander may direct filing of the Article 15 in the restricted section of the soldier's OMPF.
Henning, "Role of lipopolysaccharide in assembly of Escherichia coli outer membrane proteins OmpA, OmpC, and OmpF," Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
Una proteina MarA induce y reprime mas de 40 genes, importante actividad de fenotipo de resistencia y aumento de expresion de la bomba de expulsion AcrAB-TolC, por una via independiente de AcrR y produccion de RNA antisentido (MacF) que reduce la expresion de la proteina de membrana externa OmpF quedando activada y sobre expresada Mar A (Chubiz & Rao).
Thus, clients who received negative information in their OMPF at their current rank should be advised to delay retirement if at all possible to provide the strongest case to the AGDRB.
1 Bla P62593 2 DsbA P0AEG4 3 Endo-1, Q59256 4-P-xylanase 4 gIII P03661 5 LamB P02943 6 L- P00805 Asparaginase II 7 LivK P04816 8 LPP P69776 9 LTB P13811 10 MalE P0AEX9 11 MglB P0AEE5 12 npr P06832 13 OmpA P0A910 14 OmpC P06996 15 OmpF P02931 16 OmpT P09169 17 Pac P06875 18 PelB Q6CZT3 19 PhoA P00634 20 PhoE P02932 21 sfmC P77249 22 ST-IA/ST-P P01559 23 STII P22542 24 TolB P0A855 25 TorA P33225 26 TorT P38683 Source Amino acid sequence 1 Escherichia coli MSIQHFRVALIPFFAAF CLPVFA 2 Escherichia coli K-12 MKKIWLALAGLVLAFSASA 3 Bacillus sp.
High copy number bacterial OMPs, including OmpA, OmpC, and OmpF, have been detected and characterized by using a variety of biochemical methods.
In the Romanian accounting regulations, issued by the public authority, the Ministry of Finance (OMPF no 3055 from 2009) fair value is explicitly mentioned for revaluation of tangible assets and for financial instruments.