OMPSOriginal Motion Picture Soundtrack
OMPSOffice of Meat and Poultry Services (Virginia)
OMPSOccupational Money Purchase Scheme (UK)
OMPSOzone Mapper and Profiler Suite
OMPSOutboard Mission Planning System
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The OMPS nadir sensor and main electronics box are in the final stages of unit testing, with testing of the integrated sensor suite planned for early spring of 2013.
In addition to observing the annual formation and extent of the ozone hole, scientists hope OMPS will help them better understand ozone destruction in the middle and upper stratosphere with its Nadir Profiler.
Antibodies to the 18 and 12 kDa OMPs were seen in only 2 samples of group I.
The research, published in the journal Molecular Microbiology, explains how salmonella possesses an effective built-in surveillance mechanism to constantly monitor its levels of OMPs protection, and ensure it is at an optimum level for the bug to thrive.
This one-minute positioning or OMP consists of two parts, and each is essential to the positioning process.
Internal Revenue Code (I.R.C.) [section]247 allows a partial federal income tax deduction for dividends paid on certain public utility preferred stocks, generally known as "old money" preferred stocks (hereafter referred to as OMPS).
Unlike Salt Like City's other Big Five OMPs, all of whom specialize in auditing, Pickett's specialty is taxation.
The present study reports the isolation and comparison of OMVs and OMPs from Brucella abortus S19 and Brucella abortus S19[DELTA]per.