OMPXOuter Membrane Protein X
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The objective of this study was to characterize the different virulence genes (OmpA, OmpX, zpx, and Cpa) in C.
The primer pairs of the virulence-related genes, OmpA, OmpX, zpx, and Cpa, were prepared according CAI et al.
Our results showed that all of 13 isolates were positive for the virulence genes OmpA, OmpX, zpx, and Cpa, revealing that some of the analyzed foods and environmental samples were contaminated with pathogenic C.
Similarly, OmpA and OmpX were reported in all Cronobacter spp., whereas 98% of Cronobacter strains possessed Cpa (JARADAT et al., 2009).
Outer Membrane Proteins A (OmpA) and X (OmpX) Are Essential for Basolateral Invasion of Cronobacter sakazakii.