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OMROmani Rial (ISO currency code)
OMROptical Mark Recognition
OMROptical Mark Reader
OMROne More Round (gaming)
OMROld Mahabalipuram Road (Chennai, India)
OMROrdures Ménagères Résiduelles (French: Residual Household Waste)
OMROriginal Master Recording
OMROffice of Maritime Resources (New Jersey)
OMROffshore Music Radio
OMROradea, Romania - Oradea (Airport Code)
OMROrganic-Moderated Reactor
OMROptical Mark Readable
OMROperational Management Review
OMROutgoing Mail Record
OMROverhaul, Maintenance, and Repair
OMROfficer Master Record
OMROutcomes Management & Research
OMROrder Management Representative (various locations)
OMROverriding Method Removal
OMROrganizational Metrics Repository (database)
OMROperation, Maintenance and Repair
OMROffice Market Report (Australia)
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8226; Recognizing Barcode from OMR sheet using template editor is throwing exception
With the notice to proceed already issued, Lim said they expect all the 93,977 OMR units (the first lot of 23,000 and the second lot of 70,977) to be delivered by January.
A massive exercise was undertaken to rectify the errors since mismatch in the barcode stickers was discovered in the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets of some of the candidates.
Remark Office OMR works with most commonly available, PC-compatible scanners, and it reads forms printed and copied on plain paper rather than requiring dedicated scanners and costly, pre-printed forms.
The system's "Picture Perfect" technology, combined gray scale processing, maintains the same high accuracy standards found in previous NCS OMR systems.
The security of AVANTE OMR system also provides for the automatic detection and rejection against ballot box substitution type "wholesale fraud" that has not been realized before in any election.
Gross contributions were OMR 17,286,219 for General Takaful and OMR 1,951,650 for Family Takaful, down four per cent and up 19.
8226; Minimum height of CheckBox element in the OMR template editor issue [.
The demand outlook for 2016 looks markedly softer as downgrades to the macroeconomic outlook and expectations that crude oil prices will not repeat the heavy declines seen in 2015 filter through," the OMR indicated.
The Comelec said it is only playing safe when it wanted the venue of the OMR manufacturer outside China.
15-0355 and 15-0359 which approved the conduct of parallel bidding for the refurbishment of PCOS machines and new OMR units with a total budget of P14 billion, and the creation of two separate special bids and awards committee (SBAC) to supervise the process, respectively.
For more information, contact OMR at (256) 236-3133, email: SherryOMR@cs.