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Do ENL and its promoters have to exert themselves to discredit NNPC, OMSL and the proposed new contract if there were no avenues, whether wittingly or unwittingly created, in the execution of the former contract to deprive stakeholders in the TFP of a chunk of expected revenues?
Whereas, the NNPC, as responsive and responsible government entity, is concerned about halting further bleeding of the critical national enterprise; it has leveraged on OMSL's record of experience in the area of pipeline surveillance and protection to offer the company the proposed contract from which the nation and the stakeholders in the matrix stand to benefit immeasurably.
The resort to reputational issues and obvious attempts at damaging the corporate image of OMSL abroad with a view to strangulating it financially is unpatriotic and wicked.
Deploying the instrument of unconscionable brinkmanship and blackmail to denigrate and de-market OMSL outside Nigeria by creating the impression in the minds of international lending institutions that the NNPC was not transparent in the proposed contract was sheer desperation.
The good news is that despite the rumblings of aggravation, which are more of a storm in a tea cup, the NNPC and its stakeholders are obviously excited about the proposed contract to OMSL. Track record of demonstrated capacity on the Escravos-Warri and Bonny-Port Harcourt evacuation lines is on the side of OMSL.
The NNPC referenced OMSL's track record in its rationalization and validation for proposing a re-award of the contract to it under the proof of concept arrangement that is a success story on the Escravos-Warri and Bonny-Port Harcourt pipelines.
The report also noted OMSL's approval of the voluntary modifications to the Dotiki roof control plan implemented by Webster County Coal immediately following the accident, ARLP said.