OMSROriginated Mortgage Servicing Rights
OMSROffender Management System Renewal (Canada)
OMSROptimal Money Supply Rule
OMSROmission Mean Sub-sequence-Reduced (voting algorithm)
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Although the method of acquisition of a servicing portfolio should not affect its fair value, the different accounting treatments afforded PMSR and OMSR created a material difference in the financial statements of a mortgage banker.
The principal reason for the different accounting treatments of PMSR and OMSR was the belief that the amount paid for the PMSR objectively measured the value, because it resulted from an arm's-length negotiation between self-interested parties.
Most of the differences between groups occur on the OMSR amortization and interest income/expense line items.
Servicing values represent service release premiums received and/or capitalized originated mortgage servicing rights (OMSRs).
OMSR capitalization varies by line of business and has a dramatic impact on the profitability of the origination activity.
Historically, the origination process has generated a net profit before securitization gain and OMSR. However, the DUS line of business lost an average of $475 before the securitization gains and OMSRs.
She has to back out OMSR from the reported servicing portfolio to develop a true value for the company.
We value OMSR as long as our auditors will allow and write it off as fast as possible.
OMSR, caused some companies to change the way they viewed servicing values - retaining vs.
For many companies, the need to sell their originated production will disappear with the introduction of OMSR accounting.
At present, the accounting treatment for OMSR and PMSR is different.