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Our results showed that in the theta band, the L of SZ patients was significantly longer than that of healthy controls over a wide range of threshold T (Figure 1(b)), and this pattern was still present when L was calculated as a function of degree K (Figure 2(b)) or by using the OMST filtering scheme (Figure 3(b)), suggesting a more effective information integration and communication across different brain regions in healthy controls compared with SZ patients.
Therefore, in order to test the reproducibility of our results, we applied a novel data-driven topological filtering scheme based on the OMST proposed by Dimitriadis et al.
We applied the OMST scheme to threshold experimental networks (SZ patients and healthy controls), and corresponding random networks were generated to compute the small-world index.
Caption: Figure 3: Mean cluster coefficient C (a) and characteristic path length L (b) in the four bands for SZ patients and healthy controls based on the OMST filtering scheme.
Linden, "Topological filtering of dynamic functional brain networks unfolds informative chronnectomics: a novel data-driven thresholding scheme based on orthogonal minimal spanning trees (OMSTs)," Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, vol.
Hypothetically OMST could be considered a third-line treatment after high flow rates of oral oxygen or hyperbaric oxygen therapy for carbon monoxide poisoning.
We therefore recommend that all individuals with risk factors for lung disease perform pulmonary function testing before engaging in OMST. At CNM we have developed low flow oxygen delivery modifications, allowing us to safely use OMST with many COPD patients while carefully monitoring for changes in oxygen saturation during and after exercise.
ETT is then performed at a target aerobic heart rate of 50% to 80% of maximum heart rate prior to participation in OMST or any other exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation program.
One of the many OMST exercise protocols involves the patient's being primed with oral and sublingual nutrients before the procedure.
As with conventional cardiac rehabilitation, OMST further maximizes chances of collateral small vessel formation with increasing load to safe maximum tolerance.
appeared fatigued, she completed a satisfactory pretreatment ETT, and we subsequently prescribed a once weekly series of three OMST treatments.
Our impression was that she might benefit from further oxygen therapy, and we recommended a series of three additional OMST treatments.