OMWOmak (Amtrak station code; Omak, WA)
OMWOn My Way
OMWOh My Word
OMWOlive Mill Wastewater (olive oil production)
OMWObject Management Workbench (IntelliCorp)
OMWOld Man Winter
OMWOnline Model World (Internet modeling community)
OMWOne Minute Wonder
OMWOne Microsoft Way (address)
OMWOpponents' Match-Win Percentage (tie-breaker)
OMWOberbaumesswagen (German)
OMWOh My Wow
OMWOh My Walrus
OMWOrganizational Mastery Workshop (Stanford Advanced Project Management)
OMWOh My Waffle
OMWObservation Monitoring Well (water pollution regulation)
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The RWN on Old Mutual's ratings would be resolved by the unbundling of OMW from Old Mutual.
Changes in the content of soil nutrients after the application of OMW necessarily create stress conditions for microorganisms, because they adapt to existing soil conditions.
The systems include NCR's OMW system, a Sweda system, Hobart's scanning system, IRI's Core master file, Bass's master file, IBM's 4680 and Fujitsu-ICL's RPS/Supermarket system.
OMW has indicated that it is reviewing its ownership of the Old Mutual Global Investors Single Strategy business unit (OMGISS).
Cretin foreign petroleum giants including, Shell, Total, BP, Sinoc and OMW will attend the two day international conference on Iran Gas Export.
Tenders are invited for Annual Rate Contract for repairing, testing, recalibration and tuning of defective electronics card/modules, 2x21 OMW, PTPP, Parichha.
Tenders are invited for Erection, Grouting & Installation Of Different Size Gl Rack In All Control Valve/Actuator And Disconnection Of E/P Air Filter Regulator Air Lock Device Pressure Gauge With Air Tube (Ss& Copper) And Recommissioning & Installation Of All Above Equipment In Gl Rack With Laying Dressing Of Air Tube And Fitting with E/P, air filter regulator air lock device pressure gauge pertaining to C&IMD-III in Unit No # 2 of 3x21 OMW.