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OMWOmak (Amtrak station code; Omak, WA)
OMWOn My Way
OMWOh My Word
OMWOlive Mill Wastewater (olive oil production)
OMWObject Management Workbench (IntelliCorp)
OMWOld Man Winter
OMWOnline Model World (Internet modeling community)
OMWOne Minute Wonder
OMWOne Microsoft Way (address)
OMWOberbaumesswagen (German)
OMWOpponents' Match-Win Percentage (tie-breaker)
OMWOh My Wow
OMWOh My Walrus
OMWOrganizational Mastery Workshop (Stanford Advanced Project Management)
OMWOh My Waffle
OMWObservation Monitoring Well (water pollution regulation)
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The minimum adequate GLM ([[chi square].sub.(4)] = 55.3, p < 0.0001) involved the four craniometric variables: interorbital width (IOW), width of rostrum (RW), inner width of mandible (IMW), and outer width of mandible (OMW).
As part of its 'managed separation' strategy, announced in March 2016, the group intends to demerge and separately list the core insurance businesses, OMW and OMEM in 2018.
In Morocco, the OMW management practice regulated and adopted by the majority of olive oil industries is the storage in evaporation ponds.
Results concerning the application of OMW to soil are sometimes contradictory, mainly because of the large variability in composition, application rates, and soil indigenous properties.
Simulation System Parameters Path-loss exponent [alpha] 1.5 Other Fading Marginal Constant N -114dB BS Coverage Radius R Normalized to lKm BS's Transmitting Power P 20W Antenna Gain G 17.5dBi Channel Capacity C 50 Offered Traffic for high-loaded BS.4 r30:0.1:701Erlangs Offered Traffic for low-loaded BS (0.5.4) ri5:0.1:351Erlangs Grade of QoS(GoS): Call Blocking Probability 2% Queue length limit L 50 Strength Hysteresis for User OmW Association Determination Sn Received Signal Power Threshold [gamma] -95dBm Slow Fading Standard Variance [sigma] 3dB
In addition to these parameters, the RTR-574-H is also capable of displaying cumulative illuminance from Olxh to 90Mbch and cumulative ultraviolet light from OmW to 62W/cm2h.
This was not the case as soon as olive mill wastewater (OMW) was treated: due to the high concentration of pollutants, this wastewater fouls the membrane very quickly, within days of operation, if no pretreatment is carried out beforehand [14].
campestris to produce xanthan gum using olive mill wastewaters (OMW).
Sprague, OMW. 1909: The proposal for a central bank in the United States: A critical view.
| ABOVE: John Heitinga tweeted: "Omw to my sunny holiday destination.
The MFT first occurs in the middle of the Kali Dilli Section and is repeated four times up-section with intervals of lagoonal facies i.e., MW, OMW and Shale Lithofacies (Fig.